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Bazi reading 八字预测 (Require Birth Year, month, day and exact hour of birth, birth location)

  • Simple question: This is for anyone who has a simple question which can be answered with one sentence. Please contact me before making payment if your question is not listed below.

* List of the questions to choose:
– What is my favorable element?
– Am I suitable to have my own business?
– Which work field is suitable for me?
– Will I have a happy relationship?
– Which major (education) would be suitable for me?
– Can I go into business with friends or family?
– Am I suitable for management position?
– What are my strong suits?
– What are my weakness?

Simple question


  • Natal Charts Match: This is for choosing suitable partner both in personal situation or business. Please provide both person’s birthday and indicates whether it is for personal purpose such as relationship or choosing business partner. Price includes reading two people’s natal charts and analysis their compatibility.

    Chart reading + current luck pillar


    •  Natal Chart reading plus  brief life long luck cycles and years that require special attention 包含一生大运及需注意的流年

    Chart reading+life long Luck


    • Annual forecast 流年预测: $99

      Annual forecast


    • Date selection 择日 $99

      Date selection


    Fengshui consultation

    • In person Fengshui consultation within 45 minutes of traveling time of Elgin, TX 实地

    Fengshui Consultation

    In person


    – Online Fengshui Consultation 在线看风水。

    Online Fengshui consultation


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