A Natal Chart with bad wealth Luck Currently

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Gender: Male
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding financial problem and future career choice.  Solar time of the day: 2:06am. Local birth time was 3:06am
Day Master/DM: Ren Yang Water
Chinese zodiac animal: Rabbit
Missing element: none
Combinations: Ding Ren, Mao Xu
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Xu Chen, Chen Mao, Xu Chou
Void branch: Wu, Wei

Ren Yang water DM was born in Yang Earth Xu month when the Qi of the earth and metal is prosperous. Though the qi of the water is weakest in Xu month, this Ren water DM gets support from Metal element Geng and Xin which get support from Xu and chou earth element. Hence the flow of the elements in this chart is auspicious as Geng and xin served as an important mediator between the fight of earth and water. Hence we can conclude that the strength of Ren DM is slightly weak and favorable elements would be water and metal. Favorable direction would be north and west of his birth place.  Since Geng Xin plays a vital role in this chart, Ren DM would experience some hardship in life when they are clashed or harmed.

  • Career/wealth

When we interpret a person’s wealth and career through one’s natal chart, we first look at the Output, Wealth, Power and Resource stars and the qi flow of these stars. In this chart, there is a very good circulation between the qi of the Power star – Resource Star- DM Self.  This generally indicates a successful career if Luck cycles are also auspicious. To determine if this DM has a chance to gain wealth, we first look at the quality of the wealth stars, then we find the quality of the Eating God. In this chart, there is only direct wealth star and no indirect wealth star, this generally indicates that it is not wise for this DM to involve in risky investments (ex. Stocks) or gambling.  It will be best for him to have a stable career where he could earn regular salary.  It is auspicious there is Hurting Officer star Mao to support Direct wealth Star Ding, though the qi of the Mao is very weak and therefore couldn’t offer much support to the Wealth element Ding. Hence this Ren DM would have no problem to have a stable career and life though it will be a quite challenge for him to gain great financial success. The most suitable field would be metal and water related.

– Luck Pillars
2018-2017 Ding Wei/ Direct wealth & Direct Officer: Ding Ren Combination, Mao Wei Half Triangular combination, Wei Chou Conflict, Wei Chou Xu Three Punishment, Heaven Void

  •  Ding fire represents Ren DM’s Direct Wealth star, it also represents his spouse. Ding Ren combination indicates that He was likely to meet his spouse and getting married during this period.
  •   There are quite a few combinations, conflicts and punishment present during this 10 years. Ren DM’s life was bound to have some major changes during this period such as career, relationships and health. Earth elements became very strong because of the conflict and the punishment. Since earth represents Ren DM’s Power star, he would have a lot work related stress. Ren DM combines with wealth star also indicates that he could gain stable financial status, but not without great effort. Mao wood element in his chart was also further weakened and therefore he was likely to have health problems related either to his digestive system or  his liver (Mao represents Liver)
  • The Heaven Void also occurred during these 10 years. This symbolizes that Ren DM would put much effort to achieve his goal, but the return was hardly justified compared to his effort.

—2018-2027 Bing Wu / Indirect Wealth element: Bing Xin combination, Wu Xu half triangular Combination, Bing Ren Conflict, Wu Chou Harm

  • This is not a very auspicious period for Ren DM. He is likely to have unexpected expenses and financial stability can be hard to achieve. He may feel strong desire toward financial gain, but it is wise for him to avoid any risky methods and which could lead to a much worse situation. He also needs to take better care of himself as this is also a period that he would likely undergo a lot of stress. It is another Heaven Void period. Therefore it is not a great time for him to seek career and finance status advancement.

1. The most suitable work field for you is water or metal related. A few examples would be finance, banking,  transportation,  tourism, insurance….

2. From 2008-2027, you have been going through Void Luck cycels, I would suggest you focus on self-impovement during this period. If the Year Pillar is favorable, then things would be smoother during that year, but may not be so next year (unfavorable). Overall, it will be best for you carefully choose your next step and do some more study regarding your friends insurance team before making the commitment

3. As for your concerns regarding the graveyard elements in your chart, I wish you can understand that Four Earth Branches Chou, Chen, Wei, Xu are not just the graveyards of the five elements, but also the storages for the five elements. A element will only enter the graveyard when the qi of the element is extremely weak. In your case, Ren water DM has two metal resource element and sitting on the its storage Chen, therefore it is not in the graveyard.  Xu earth is the storage of the fire element, there is Ding fire hidden in Xu, it means that wealth can be stored and be used when needed. This also suggest that you should make safe investment when your financial status is prosperous.

4. Lastly, whether your hour pillar is Xin Chou or Ren Yin, the qi of Ren DM is still weak. Favorable elements still would be metal and water. From 2020 to 2021, your overall luck should improve during these years.

Famous Chinese Saying

一命二运三风水四积阴德五读书 六名七相八敬神九交贵人十养生 First Fate, Second Luck, Third Feng Shui, Fourth Karma, Fifth Education/Study,Sixth Name, Seventh Appearance/Bearing, Eighth Respect heavenly God/Natural Orders, Ninth Choose Friends/Relations Wisely, Tenth Health lifestyle




答: 乾造: 甲寅  戊辰  己亥   甲戌  


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问:你好。希望你在百忙之中能给我看一下。以后的婚姻顺利吗?这两个排盘哪个是对的?很困惑。女 1980年,6月5号,12点

坤造:庚申  辛巳  己酉  庚午 





来美国多年,让我感受最深的是中美对子女的教育方式及期望等的区别。 中国有句古话叫“养儿防老”,子女供养父母是天经地义,不容置疑的。但在美国却没有这种传统,无论是父母还是子女都不觉得这是一种该尽的义务。在美国,子女成年后极少还会和父母住在一起。通常在二十几岁还不能独立及住在父母家的就会被所有人看成失败者,受人鄙视。 多数孩子18岁后,不是离开家乡去读书,就是离开家庭自力更生 (这里不包括少数有钱人,上层阶级))。 仔细想想这两种方式都各有它的长处和弊端:中国——家庭亲情更浓,可以互相扶持,但是父母往往活得很累,养大儿子还要带孙子,有些子女更是对父母依赖性重,不能独立,以及当今社会一对年轻夫妻要养两家老人的负担也为一大弊端。美国——孩子从小就有较强的独立自主感,基本上在读中学/高中时就开始做babysit/临时保姆,暑期工等等去赚自己的零用钱,父母在孩子离开家后,就可以过自由轻松的生活,这种方式所欠缺的是大家庭的温情和团聚。今天我想和大家分享一个孩子长大了离开家庭会更好些的真实案例。求测人是美籍华裔,像大多数华裔一样,虽然来到美国多年,还依然保持中国的传统。

生日:阳历1988年,3月19日,出生地时间:23:44. 真太阳时 23:26
日元:甲 阳木


  • 事业财运


  • 婚姻情感


  • 大运
  • 1993-2002 甲寅

这十年走比肩忌神大运,且寅卯辰三会木局非常不吉 。父亲有灾或破财,家庭变化大及经济条件差 (日主自从1993年,家庭经济条件极度下降,父母经营维生的店铺及住房,父母子女分离,十年里基本靠政府救济度日)

  • 2003-2012 癸丑


  • 2013- 2022 壬子


 2017 丁酉- 为伤官见官,不吉,且酉卯冲,酉戌害,酉辰合,又合又冲,生活多起伏变化。总体来说这一年非常不顺,卯为羊刃,羊刃逢冲,有意外流血之灾。伤官见官,工作感情都不顺 (日主这年出车祸导致失业,康复后找不到工作)

2018 戊戌- 偏财大运,土为用,戌卯合火,火为用神,虽然合化不成功,但忌神卯被合,今年运势应该有所好转。戌辰冲,婚姻宫冲动,会有新的感情出现。

  • 2023-2042 辛亥


  • 2043 之后都为土金大运,事业财运应该会好转。


  • 身旺,比劫多,且有羊刃的人都会非常固执,性格过于刚强,且不利六亲,建议和父母姐弟等分开住。年日支冲,也代表离开家乡独立发展会更好些。如果能放弃继续从事医院的工作,另选一个和火土有关的行业也有利事业发展及财运。
  • 从八字大运看,应该可以遇到正缘。遇到后要珍惜,个性不要太强势,互相关爱扶持,有问题多沟通。八字原局有第三者夺夫的信息,自己要多加提防,尤其在卯年,最好看紧点,不要不闻不问,不管不顾。
  • 最后一点,八字原局羊刃有刑害,自己要多注意身体及意外伤害,如果能够多做善事义工积德最好。

A Bazi Chart With Strong Jia / 甲 DM

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.30.53 AM

Gender: Female
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding unfortunate events happened, future career choice and relationship . Solar time of the day: 11:26pm. Local birth time was 11:44pm
Day Master/DM: Jia Yang Wood
Chinese zodiac animal: Dragon
Missing element: Fire, metal
Combinations: Xu Mao
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Xu Chen, Chen Mao, Zi Mao
Void branch: Shen, You

Jia Yang wood DM was born in Mao month when the Qi of the Wood is most prosperous. With the addition of  two Companion Stars ( Jia and Yi ) in the heavenly stems and Yin Wood Mao and Zi to further strengthening the DM, we can conclude that this Jia DM is very strong, yet not qualified to be a Solo Strengh / Vibrate Structure because of the presence of the earth elements. Hence, the favorable elements would be fire (mediator between wood and earth plus provide resource for wealth star) and earth. Though metal could help control Friend and Rob Wealth stars, but weak metal can’t control strong wood. Favorable directions would be south, southwest.

  • Career/wealth

In this chart, earth elements represents Jia DM’s wealth star. The  quality of the wealth star is considered to be of good quality despite that the Qi of the earth in wood month is the weakest because of its presence in both heavenly stems and earthly branches. Since there is only indirect wealth star without any power star, Jia DM would not excel nor would she be satisfied in a conventional type workplace. It will be best for Jia DM to choose a freelance type  career. It is vital that Jia DM doesn’t choose a career that requires partner unless the Bazi chart of the partner is perfectly matched to hers.   Because of lacking the Eating God star (fire), Jia DM would have limited resource to gain wealth . Luckily, since earth is also Jia DM’s favorable element, she would have chance to gain financial success when Luck cycle is favorable. It will be best for Jia DM to choose a fire or earth related career such as real estate.

  • Relationship

In this Bazi Chart, there is no power star which represents female’s the other half. It is inauspicious since the power star is also Jia DM’s favorable element. This indicates that either her spouse won’t give her much support or his ability is limited. When this information is presented in the natal chart, it will be best for Jia DM to get married later than early. Also since Xu Yang earth represents DM’s spouse, it is wise that DM bewares that there is a chance of betrayal from her spouse especial in rabbit year.

– Luck Pillars
2013-2022 Ren Zi/ Resource element: Since Jia DM is very strong,  it is inauspicious to meet water resource again in Luck Pillar. During these 10 years,  Jia DM would have more difficulties to achieve financial stability. She would likely to make unfavorable decisions under pressure, encounter more rivals and have financial losses due to unexpected events. With the influence of the Zi Chen half triangular combination (It is an inauspicious combination as Chen being DM’s favorable element) and  Zi Mao punishment, sadly it is not a productive period for Jia DM to pursue financial success or happy relationship.

2017 Ding You /hurting officer meets Direct Officer:  This year, Jia DM would have work  related problems. Because of the Mao (DM’s Sword Star )You clash, Jia DM would likely encounter blood related incident/accident. For anyone who is familiar with Bazi reading, we also know that in general, nothing would come out positive when Hurting Officer meets Direct Officer (伤官见官,为祸百端)unless Direct officer being DM’s unfavorable element. In this case, You being DM’s favorable element. Jia DM would likely to have more conflicts / misunderstanding in her workplace or lose her position.

2018 Wu Xu: This year would be an auspicious year for Jia DM.  DM would have more opportunities to pursue financial stability. It is vital for DM to utilize this year’s luck and focus on finding a suitable career.

1. Because the presence of Xu Chen clash in your chart, it will be best for you to pursue your career away from your family.  You can choose either one of the directions I mentioned above. I do not recommend that you continue to stay with your family.

2. In your chart, there is no direct wealth star. Though indirect wealth generally represents large amounts of wealth, you will likely to lose money because the strong influence of Rob Wealth Star. Therefore, it is wise you don’t invest with your siblings or friends. Also solo business/ freelance would be most suitable for you.  it is very important for you to make safe investments when financial aspect is good. This way, you can be well prepared for rainy days.

3. As for your old job position, I do not suggest that you go back for it. It sounds more like a water related field. Also based on all the information present in your chart, you won’t be happy or success when working in a conventional type work field.

4. Lastly, You will have higher chance of meeting someone in 2021. Even though there is negative relationship information presented in your chart, I do not believe in absolute fate. There is alway variables in life and other influences. If his chart is a perfect match to yours, you can still have a very happy relationship.

Famous Chinese Saying

一命二运三风水四积阴德五读书 六名七相八敬神九交贵人十养生” First Fate, Second Luck, Third Feng Shui, Fourth Karma, Fifth Education/Study,Sixth Name, Seventh Appearance/Bearing, Eighth Respect heavenly God/Natural Orders, Ninth Choose Friends/Relations Wisely, Tenth Health lifestyle

Jia Wood DM with Balanced /Slightly Weak Qi

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 8.17.38 AMMany thanks to a paid customer who was very kind to allow me to publish his reading on my blog. 

Gender: Male
DOB: Paid Chart Reading. Solar time of the day: 5:05pm
Main concerns: Difficulty with relationship and wishing to know the best location for him.
Day Master/DM: Jia Yang Wood.
Chinese zodiac animal: Tiger
Missing Element: None
Combinations: N/A
Clash/Harm/Punishment/Destruction: You Xu, Xu Wei
Void Branch: Shen, YouJia Yang Wood DM was born in summer when the qi of the wood is weak. In earthly branch of the year pillar, there is Jia DM’s Prosperity Star Yin Yang wood. In the heavenly stems, there is Yi wood and Gui water to support Jia DM’s strength. Hence, we can conclude that the qi of Jia DM is on the balanced, slightly weak side. Favorable elements would be wood and water. Favorable directions would be east and north of the birth place.* Characteristics
The person with this chart is kind, honest, affectionate, just and responsible. He is quite talented and has many interests. He enjoys social life and is always willing to offer a helping hand when needed. He is positive and has good endurance for difficult situations. At times, he could be quite competitive, impulsive, outspoken and emotional. He is sensitive and cares too much for others option of him which could cause unhappiness and emotional stress for him.* Career/Wealth
In this chart, earth element represents Jia DM’s wealth star. The Qi of the earth element is prosperous in summer. With the appearance of Bing Jia DM’s Eat God star in the heavenly stems to further support the wealth stars, it will be best for Jia DM to focus on specializing on one skilled trade either related to water or wood. If Lucks are favorable, Jia DM would have no problem to achieve financial stability and success. However, since there is the presence of the robbing wealth star, it is important for Jia DM choose friends/partners wisely and avoid risky investments.* Family life
Jia DM is family oriented and has a close relationship with his family. The Direct Resource Star Gui water represents his mother which is vital in this chart as to cool down the summer heat. However, since Gui also sits on DM’s Void Branch You, Gui could only offer limited help to Jia DM. Yi and Yin in this chart represents Jia DM’s siblings. Though both of them being DM’s favorable elements, while Yi plays a more negative role than positive influence, Yin is a bit distanced from Jia to offer much help. Hence, it is unlikely Jia DM would get much help from his siblings.* Relationship
In this chart, both Wei (direct wealth ) and Xu (indirect wealth) earth elements represents Jia DM’s romantic partners. Jia DM would have no problem meeting the right one when time is right. However,because of the presence of the both direct and indirect wealth stars (Wei Xu Destruction, Xu You Harm ), Jia DM would have some difficulties /or major changes with relationships when Luck or Year pillar presents unfavorable information. In addition, there is a partial triangular combine between Yin and Xu, plus Yi rob wealth fights for Wei, it is very likely that Jia DM would encounter other rivals in the romance life. Good news is that if Jia DM can hold positive attitude, be attentive to his spouse’s need, have good self-control, everything will work out in the end.* Health
Jia Yang wood represents liver. The qi of Jia DM is well balanced in this chart. Therefore, he wouldn’t have much problem with health. However, he should be careful with injures or accidents involve his wrists and shoulder joints especial during metal clashes wood Luck or year pillars.* Luck Pillars
2009-2018 Wu Xu (indirect wealth Stars): It is not a very auspicious period for the Jia DM. During this 10 years, he would feel quite lonely under the influence of the Hua Gai – the star of the arts. Though this star has a positive impact on his talent expression, it doesn’t help his romance life. He would have strong desires to find that right one and have chances to meet some potential candidates , but ultimately, none of them are meant to be his life partner. He would also have difficulties with finance stability during this period.2018 Wu Xu (Indirect wealth Stars): It is not a good year for both relationship and financial aspects either. The earth element is too strong because of Wu Xu fu yin with the Luck Pillar. Jia DM would have low chance in both financial success and relationships. It will be best for Jia DM to focus on self-improvement, spend more time with family and avoid major investments or making important decisions.2019-2028 Ji Hai (Direct Wealth and Indirect resource star): Jia DM combines with Ji direct wealth Star. During this time Jia DM will have a chance to meet the right one especially in 2019. DM combines with wealth star also indicates a breakthrough for finance. Overall, Jia DM would have smoother life in this period.Suggestions:
I wouldn’t suggest any west coast cities. Of all the cities you mentioned, either Cincinnati, Louisville will work or South Carolina and North Carolina would also be good for you.
As you mentioned that you are in a transition from Wu Xu Luck Pillar to Ji Hai, plus the strong impact of the Luck and Year Fu Yin, it will be best for you to keep a low profile and play it safe. It may be a good time to spend some time with your family and focus on choosing the right career and stick with it. You may find that this year is a good year for you to develop your talented side and build your career for later returns. You may still have chances meeting some people, but none of the them could lead to a long term relationship. So when that happens, don’t feel bad and just think of it as a life experience and good learning opportunities. I am pretty positive that things will change next year for you.

A Natal Chart Without Output Star

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 8.47.08 AM

Gender: Male
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding career and relationship . Solar time of the day: 3:47pm. Local birth time was 4:44pm
Day Master/DM: Ren YangWater.
Chinese zodiac animal: Rooster
Missing element: Wood
Combinations: Wu Gui, Shen You Xu, Xu Wu
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Xu You
Void branch: Shen, You

  • Career

Ren Yang Water DM was born in the earth month of Autumn when the qi of the water is considerably strong . In this chart, there are two companion stars in the heavenly stems plus 2 resource stars in the earthly branches. Hence we can conclude that Ren water DM is strong.  When Yang Water is strong, it needs Yang earth Wu to contain it so it won’t cause flooding and can be used for irrigation (Jia )or other purpose. It is auspicious that Ren DM has strong Yang earth elements (Qi Sha)to keep water at bay. However,  since there is no Jia Wood element (output Star) to control earth (Qi Sha) and give support to DM’s wealth Star Fire,  it would be best for Ren DM to choose a job with stable salary.

The best work field for Ren DM is  fire related such as computer, electronics, electricity, gas/oil, lighting.  In this chart, the fire element –  Ren DM’s wealth star is not very strong. It also lacks the wood/ DM’s output star to keep the fire going. Therefore, Ren DM would have limited resource to obtain great wealth. The upside is that since the wealth star fire is Ren DM’s favorable element, he would still be able to gain financial stability.

  • Relationship

In general, a rule of thumb in Bazi reading is that males with strong DM and unfavorable companion stars tend to have more relationship related difficulties. They would likely have more competitors/rivals (High chance of being betrayed by their friends or people close to them. This also applies to their work field). In addition, strong unfavorable companion stars also indicates some negative impact toward either their wives or fathers.

In this chart, Wu Fire represents Ren DM’s spouse. Since it is also DM’s favorable element, we can conclude that he is likely to have a good relationship with his spouse and she can be helpful to his financial status.

– Luck Pillars
2010-2019 Geng Shen: Both Geng and Shen are Ren DM’s unfavorable elements. During these 10 years,  Ren DM tend to lack of motivation toward self-improvement and could be pessimistic sometimes. It would be a difficult period for Ren DM to pursue higher education.

2018 Wu Xu:  this year, Ren DM would have work related opportunities. However, it doesn’t come without stress or competitions. Sorry to say it is not an auspicious year for relationship either.

After 2029,  your Luck will start to turn positive.

1. DM with Strong companions stars tend to be quite stubborn and inflexible. It is important to be open minded and less judgmental. When facing difficulties or downturns, it is valuable for you to stay positive and don’t give-up easily.

2. It is not wise for you to invest with friends or siblings and beware financial loss in 2020.

Note: We cannot change our fate.  However, There are many other variables which can positively influence our life such as our own attitude, people who are closest to us and environment facts-Feng Shui of your home and work place.