This blog is about understanding the law of nature and how it influences our life path. I have always being interested in Fengshui and believing the five elements contained in that exact time we came to this world defines ourself.  In 2012, we brought our first home in upstate NY. At the time, I used my limited knowledge of Fengshui to guide us in choosing that home. I knew there were certain undesirable aspects about the property, but unfortunately I missed a major drawback -poison arrow directly face the frond door which resulted in major financial losses, health issue and family conflict.  After a series of “bad lucks”, I sought professional help from a Fengshui consultant and moved away from that property as soon as we could. Since then, I was eager to learn more about fengshui and hoping to avoid making the same mistake I had. By creating this blog, I wish to  sharing the knowledge of Feng Shui and four pillars of destiny.