Free Bazi Reading

Free Natal Chart reading / 免费八字预测

* Free Chart Reading is ONLY for people with Financial Difficulties. One free reading per inquiry.

If you would like a free chart reading, please Contact with following information:

– Your true full name

– Gender

– Year, month, day and hour of birth. Example: 1996 July 5th, 8:01am or 8:01pm. Please don’t use 1996/07/05/ as I cannot be sure if 07 is the month or 05 is the month.

– birth place

– your reasons or concerns for seeking the reading

–  Financial difficulties and the crisis you are facing. The more detailed information you included, the higher chance your inquiry would be selected.

Inquiry missing any above information will be automatically passed on.  If your inquiry is selected, you will receive a reply with “Selected” . The reading report will be posted under Chart Reading. Due to limited free time I have, I can not guarantee every inquiry will be selected. Thanks for your understanding.

These case studies are solely for study and discussion purposes.

If you have one simple question regarding either fengshui or bazi, please leave a comment under the post. I will randomly select questions to answer if time allows.

If you would like a private paid chart reading please check Service

免费八字预测:如经济有困难者,可联系申请免费预测,在信里请详述你的遭遇或困难及生辰(年,月,日,时), 真实姓名,性别和出生地。如申请来信里缺乏任一以上信息将自动落选。由于有限的空闲时间不能保证每个人的申请都会选中,谢谢理解!

***重要提示:免费八字预测是为了帮助生活中有困难的人去走出困境或者理解事情的发生原因。 每份预测都包含了作者的时间和精力, 所以非经济有困难者不选。



* 付费预测请查看服务

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